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    Manufacturing and Warehouse of Ntwo Trader co.,Ltd and our two Partner Manufacturing operations at higher efficiency than the pool. Using modern technology And controlled 

All computers It can produce 5 kilograms or PP 50 kilograms of rice packing plastic bag

for up to a year  200,000 tons produce 100% of the production will be exported to foreign markets worldwide. 


The product of Rice which are currently available to supply consists of 5 different type of rice- Jasmine Rice (All strains) Thai Jasmine Rice/Thai Fragrant Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)It has a natural aromatic flavor with a small content of chalky kernel. After cooked, it becomes more fragrant, tender and tasty.Production: The best quality jasmine rice comes from the north and northeast of Thailand where its soil and environment is the most suitable. 


- Thai White Rice (All strains) / Long Grain RiceThai White Rice is the long grain type.

When cooked, it has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice. Because of its unique cooking characteristics,

Thai White Rice has long grained its popularity and has been the world staple for many decades.We export

below categories of 

- Thai White Rice 100% Grade B  Sorted and Polished* 

- Thai White Rice 5% Broken 


- Glutinous Rice (All strains) / Sticky rice / Sweet RiceIt is most widely consumed in the areas where it is grown, In addition to direct consumption, it is often used as an ingredient in desserts/sweet dishes and in some industries such as brewing, flour, and snack.It is derived from two kinds of starch in the kernels, namely amylose and amylopectin. Its greater amount of the latter one increases the sticky texture. Glutinous rice can be easily distinguished from other varieties by its milky color.The major production areas are the upper northern and northeastern regions of Thailand where water is scarce. The most well-known and best quality is called "Sanpathong" which is grown mainly in the north of Thailand . The glutinous rice in the northeastern part mostly is "Duo-Juk" whose grain is shorter and less tender than Sanpathong


- Value Added Product, such as, Quick Brown Rice, Vitamin Plus Rice, Jasmine Green Tea Rice. - Particular species of rice, such as, Basmati rice and Japonica Rice.

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