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Thai Hom Mali Rice (All strains)


It has a natural aromatic flavor with a small content of chalky kernel. After cooked, it becomes more fragrant, tender and tasty.

Production: The best quality jasmine rice comes from the north and northeast of Thailand where its soil and environment is the most suitable. The main harvest season is from September to December

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  • The product of rice

          The product of rice which are currently available to supply consists of 5 different type of rice.

                 Jasmine Rice (All strains) 

                 White Rice (All strains) 

                 Glutinous Rice (All strains) 

                 Value Added Product, such as, Quick Brown Rice, Vitamin Plus Rice, Jasmine Green Tea Rice. 

                 Particular species of rice, such as, Basmati rice and Japonica Rice.

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